Transform Healthcare with Leirasoft’s Digital bits

Reviving healthcare with efficient software technologies

Leirasoft’s Empowers Healthcare Providers to

  • Custom software solutions to deliver 360 degree patient care
  • Enabling smart IT tools to comply with healthcare standards
  • Full stack solutions for software and hardware integration
  • Efficient management of healthcare data with latest technology tools
  • Unleash the power of Bigdata in healthcare through AI and ML
  • Streamline patient data-optimize workflows, efficient use of EMR/EHS
  • Simplify complex healthcare challenges with full-cycle software engineering
  • Maximizing benefits from Tele-health software solutions

What We Provide

  • Business IT consulting for healthcare
  • Software engineering solutions to healthcare industry
  • Custom develop EMR/EHS IT solutions
  • Software management solutions for hospital and Healthcare industry
  • Developing IOS and Android Healthcare apps
  • Software automation services
  • On demand Healthcare services with Leirasoft’s IT tools
  • Develop patient engagement software solutions
  • Build AI and ML capabilities for better data analytics

Leirasoft’s Technology Basket

  • Multiplatform app and software development tools (IOS, Android)
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • UI/UX design tools
  • Computer Vision
  • Medical recommendation systems
  • Blockchain and Cloud technologies
  • Data Science, Data Mining, and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Advanced healthcare Data analytical tools

High quality software solutions for highly valued healthcare